We Sell Pallets

We offer many remanufactured pallets in the following sizes and types:

We specialize in custom pallets to fit your business needs.

  • Grade  A 48×40
  • Grade  B 48×40
  • Grade #3 48×40
  • Heavy Duty Pallet
  • Specialty Pallet
  • Custom Pallet
  • 78×48
  • 82×56 
  • 96×40
  • 36×36
  • 66×40 

Our process allows us to break down pallets to their original structure, which we then trim down to new sizes and rebuild into custom pallets. We also combine used pallets with new lumber to build custom-sized pallets.

Please contact us to determine if we can find the perfect-sized pallet for you!

Credit Terms are offered on high volume orders.

We do not require a minimum for service.