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We Sell Pallets

We offer many remanufactured pallets in the following sizes and types:

  • Grade A New lumber 48x40

  • Grade  A 48×40

  • Grade  B 48×40

  • Grade C 48×40

  • Heavy Duty Pallet

  • Specialty Pallet

  • Custom Pallet


We specialize in custom pallets to fit your business needs.​


We Buy Pallets

In addition to supplying pallets, we buy reusable pallets in reasonably good condition. The reimbursement amount depends on the size and condition of the pallet and price at the time. Please keep in mind that not all pallets may qualify for reimbursement, particularly if they do not meet our needs at the time.

For drop off vendors, please bring your pallets to our facility so we can help you unload them, sort them based on their condition and size, determine their value,  and possibly reimburse you for them at their current market value.

For high volume pallet drop offs, please contact us for arrangements.

We are not responsible for any potential damage or theft done to the vehicle or belongings you bring to our facility.

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